Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

     So I was going through photos on my camera and realized that I have all sorts of things that I really should be sharing, like Thanksgiving.

       We mostly celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's house, (although we did have supper with Joyce as well).  Parts of both sides of my family were there including my cousins Soph and Em. who were charged with the task of decorating the house for fall. This was kind of awesome, as George really needed in on that action. She's become such a little copy cat/ follower that she needs to be involved in everything. Which is both adorable and super annoying. Mostly adorable

 Thankfully, the girls love George to bits, and were really good about letting her help out. And by "help out" I mean they thought it was cute when she went around undoing the decorating they had just finished.

        Other pre-dinner activities included cookie decorating. This one I'm rather proud of, mostly because I organized it and did all the prep for it. Thankfully I have a loving and talented husband who actually participated in the project, because by that point I was a little stressed out and a little bit done with being creative for the day. I'd had multiple accounts of icing failure already that day and was so not even going to try at making something pretty. So instead Steve and Layne helped the girls decorate sugar skull sugar cookies! Not that they needed much help, they are super talented and went to town after briefly glimpsing a photo of what they were going to do.

  This is why I love smartphones, I had found the idea for this project in a  magazine, and fully intended to bring the magazine with me, because the undecorated cookies mostly looked like lame snowmen. So out comes the smartphone and within seconds I had photos of sugar skulls to show the girls. I had made the cookies in advance with a cookie cutter that Steve had made for me, (That's right, a homemade skull shaped cookie cutter, I am spoiled) and also went to the bulk barn and picked up a bunch of candy and sprinkles to decorate with. Then quickly mixed up a batch of royal icing and away we went!

The whole gang busy at work

I promise she was having a good time.

Steve's creation in the works

I think, starting at the top left, it goes, Emily, Sophia, Sophia, Emily. Bottom left, Sophia, Emily.

This one is easier, from the left it goes, Emily, Steve, Layne, Sophia (I think)

          We also celebrated Sophia and Bubba's birthdays. Which was great because at the dinner table, as the rest of us were eating and chatting, Georgina was learning how to blow kisses to her Great Bubba. We had been trying to teach her this for MONTHS, and she pulls out the aces for greatest effect. It was adorable. We also had cupcakes in ice cream cones. This is where my epic fail happened, and fail it did, nothing went right with these, to the point that I gave up and Dad, Layne, and Karalee stepped in to fix/ finish the project, which I'm super grateful for because apparently I can't bake while being watched.

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