Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

     Inspired by my friend Nancy's blog, I thought it would be fun to go pick a pumpkin this year. We often carve three or four pumpkins (each) at Halloween but had never gone and picked our own, so no time like the present.
       I scoured the internet looking for a farm near Lethbridge, but A) Lethbridge and area have terrible internet presence. and B) apparently there is nowhere that is just a field that you can go walk through and pick one yourself. There are however a number of corn mazes in the area that also offer pumpkins. Of course the pumpkins are pre picked, priced, and placed for the public to just come and pick up.

     So we ended up going to the Lethbridge corn maze, which is just a small ways out of town. Thankfully if you're going to buy pumpkins you don't have to pay the full entrance fee, of 12 or so dollars. Just a three dollar grounds/ petting zoo admission. Which was fine, they were also having a buy one get one half off sale, so the sticker shock was a little less.

 The petting zoo was nice though, we've been trying to teach George animal noises, so having a visual aid was nice. George is also getting more attentive as to what's going on around her, so watching the animals was a ton of fun.She particularly enjoyed the pot bellied piglets. She kept grabbing hold of then pen, and probably would have catapulted herself right in had we not been paying attention.

What does the cow say?

         After the petting zoo, we went over to the barn to choose our pumpkins. Because we didn't really have a vision of what we wanted and we tend to be rather picky, it took us forever, going back and forth between the inner barn, the outer barn and the hay bail display by the door. And although George liked the pumpkins in theory, in practice she wanted nothing to do with them. So we didn't get any cute pictures of my little pumpkin in with her brethren, but instead got a few photos of a crying baby, or her on our lap. No group shots either, oh well. We took some very nice ones earlier in the month.

I am not a pumpkin!

This pumpkin is alright.

We did end up buying this little guy, as it was the only one she'd touch.

There are so many to choose from!

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