Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snow for Halloween

        A week before Halloween it snowed, a lot. We got at least six inches overnight, meaning we were snowed in. the car was trapped on our parking pad in the ally,we don't have a shovel yet, and the buses weren't running. Apparently the buses in Lethbridge shut down fairly easily when there's snow. I can't say I blame them, Lethbridge is made up of coulees, really be careful  where you step, if you slip in this city you could end up twenty feet down from where you started. So shutting public transit down when the ice hits the roads is a very good idea.
    After waiting for the bus for about half an hour and finding out that there was no way it was coming to get him, Steve phoned me up, "Put the kettle on, I'm coming home" By the time he got home I had tea waiting for him. He emailed his boss to explain there was no way he'd be able to make it until the afternoon. The response we got from James was, "Welcome to Lethbridge!"

     Being that last year George was far to little to care about the snow, I was rather excited to get her dressed up and let her experience the pure joy of fresh snow! Or at least that's what it would be if you were a four year old, a one year old who's never seen snow before is terrified! It probably didn't help that, although her snowsuit was warm and fit nicely (Thanks Grandma Che Che) it rendered her mostly immobile. Which was adorable, but ticked her right off.

      And then I put her down in the snow. Because I am the worst mom ever! The snow plus the suit held her up rather nicely, but apparently having half your body disappear into white powder is a little too freaky for those of us under 3feet tall.

     Although she may not look terribly sad in this photo, she liked being laid down on the snow about as much as standing in it. I tried making a snow angel to demonstrate how not evil the snow was, but apparently the Devilish white powder was going to consume her mom, leading to further baby sized freakouts.
If you look close you can see the tears of snow fear.

    Thankfully when everyone was standing up and acting cool about things, George was kind of alright with the snow. She even went so far as to touch some of it, on the fence, well away from the large piles on the ground. It'll be interesting to see what happens the first time we go sledding, if we can find somewhere not so steep that you feel you're going to break the sound barrier. Coulees, I tells ya.  


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