Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

  This October 31st, we celebrated by reverse trick or treating. And by that I mean, we dressed George up and went to all our neighbors houses and dropped off cookies, that I had made earlier in the week.
Pumpkin chocolate chip, gingerbread skeletons and gingerbread mummies
The googly eyes make me very happy.

           It was neat getting to know our neighbors, most of them are retirees, with one young couple next door. George is the only child on the block. Apparently this is an older neighborhood, with very few kids. Which I find surprising, as there are a lot of parks within walking distance. At the very end of the block lives an Italian couple, who invited us in to have a glass of wine, which we had to decline as I was carrying a stack of cookies, and it was getting past dinner time for George. We were on the verge of melt down city, so sadly no wine for us.They did however spoil George rotten with treats and invited us to come back anytime for a drink. It was pretty cool.

  We also carved some pumpkins and put up some last minute decorations, as it had been fairly snowy up to this point and a lot of our decorations really shouldn't get wet.

Hanging at the table, waiting to go outside.

This photo was taken for twitter, to show off my breakfast companions. I can't believe I don't have a better photo of these two!

             After our little adventure we returned home to have some Kraft Pizza,from the box. It's one of my favorite things in the world, and completely silly. Always makes me feel like I'm a little kid again. We then went about our regular routine of getting George to bed. the whole time listening for the doorbell, waiting expectantly for trick or treaters. Put George down with little fuss, opened our bottle of Champagne (Happy Anniversary to us!) and popped on Rocky Horror, as tradition dictates. I've watched Rocky Horror every year on Halloween for at least the past 10 years, I think a bit longer. The one and only time I've missed it was for the wedding. Just saying.

     We had settled into the movie and the night was ticking on when the doorbell rang. Both Steve and I jumped up and looked at each other like, "Who on earth would be calling at this hour?" Then realizing that we finally had our first trick or treaters! At 8:45pm. They were two boys, one dressed in one of those oversize ghoul heads that make it impossible to see them. I have no idea how old that kid was because the mask really obscures the features. I think he may have been in his teens.

    The other boy was fantastic. He, and it did take us a minute to determine that it was a he, was dressed like Snow white. At first I thought it may have been him trying to be ironic or funny, but upon closer inspection, his makeup was perfect. He had obviously had put time and effort into this costume and really did want to be Snow White for Halloween. It was kinda sweet.

      Being that they were the first, and last, kids that we had all night, they each got two huge handfuls of candy. We had bought a rather large box, and then received another rather large bag from Mom and Dad, so we were practically swimming in candy. They did rather well at our house.

    Now I didn't take any photos of George that night, but I did take a few earlier in the month of all of us. And being that I like to show off both my photography and my daughter, here are some super cute photos of my super cute baby.

So ya, Happy Halloween!

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