Monday, November 5, 2012

Boo at The Zoo

     Being that Georgie is only 13months old, Steve and I didn't really see the point in taking George Trick or Treating. Really it's not like she's going to be the one eating the candy anyways, but being that we love Halloween (Happy Anniversary sweetie!) we thought it would be a waste not to dress her up and parade her around a bit, so this year we went to, Boo at the Zoo.

 It turned out to be a great alternative to actually trick or treating. My Brother and his wife came as well as Steve's sister and her little guy. It rocked, you get all dressed up and you go trick or treating at the zoo. They have five or six stops where you can pick up candy, as well as a couple of free food carts, face painting, hair styling, lots of information stops and arts and crafts. Plus you get to see all the animals.
       I almost forgot, they also had an indoor carnival that Ethan (My nephew) and I hit up while waiting for everyone else to grab food. Ethan rocked it, he has a natural gift for games, and was super polite and helped clean up after every game he tried. He's so cute.

Uncle feeding her "Bloody Fingers" Aka french toast in strawberry sauce.

Little Monsters

Uncle and Daddy "helping" George pick out some chips.
        George is really becoming aware of things going on around her, so the zoo is more fun every time we go. Her favorite animals have been the penguins. The new exhibit is super cool and you can get really close to the animals. So close in fact that George and I got thoroughly splashed by a King penguin, The largest of the penguins at the zoo and second largest in the world. Dwarfed only by Emperor penguins who look fairly similar.

 She really loved these birds and was all about getting up close for a look. George was clapping and waving as well as yelling at them. It's super fun when she gets excited about something. Particularly since she's at that age where it's new every time, and the bigger she gets the more she'll learn and understand, and the more excited she'll get.

            And yes, if you're wondering, Georgie is wearing socks on her hands in these photos. She will not keep gloves on, socks are magic, and although she can take them off she won't. Sock gloves, don't judge me.

         This was however the first zoo trip where George really took note of the other animals. The Red River Hogs and the fish were very exciting, and she went berserk when we visited the elephants. As soon as she figured out what she was looking at, that little arm shot into the air and she burst forth with some epic mouth trumpets. And then she did it again, and again, and again, interspersed with some yelling and pointing. She had only learned about elephants a couple of days before, and even then, just her little plastic toys, so the fact that she was putting together the fact that these giant pachyderms were the same thing as her little pink squeeze toy was pretty mind blowing. I'm constantly amazed by how quickly her brain works, and the light in her eyes when she's figured something out.

     Being that it was Halloween a lot of the animals got pumpkins as a treat or decoration. The hogs were going to town, it was pretty cool to watch. Apparently the new hippo got one too, because it was his birthday, we missed that though because it happened on Halloween proper, and we were there on the previous Sunday.

  After the elephants we went over to the events tent, where they were doing free hair styles on the kids as well as face painting and palm reading. We ended up getting the kids hair done but not much else, George was hitting the end of her rope and Ethan really just wanted to go find more candy. Plus nobody felt like standing in line for face painting, and palm reading is a bit over the heads of the littles we had with us. 
Getting some color.

I can't believe you guys!

Some blurry blue

Ethan's hair turned out great! 

     After this we said goodbye to Erin and Ethan, who continued on to look for more treats and finish off the zoo. We however headed back to Lethbridge. Layne and Karalee called it quits as well. Karalee is due in February, and suffers from the pregnant sleepies.  All in all it was a pretty good, if not long, day. George and Mom slept most of the way home. Sorry Steve!


  1. So fun! And I love the sock-gloves. :) My husband has a picture of himself as a baby wearing sock-gloves, too. I say whatever works to keep those tiny fingers warm!

    And happy anniversary a couple days ago. I looked at the pictures of your reception back in the day (now that you've been married SOOOO long) and it looked like a lot of fun with the costumes and everything! Congrats on hitting another year mark!

    1. Seriously she is so funny with the socks, she will collect them from around the house, (because she won't keep them on her feet) bring them over and demand to have them put on her hands. Then happily wander about with sock hands. She's a nut.

      Do you know what's funny about our anniversary this year? We had to sit down and figure out how many years we've been married. So much has happened since then it's just kinda been a blur.

      It was a super fun wedding, what I can remember of it, such a busy day!