Saturday, November 3, 2012

Georgie Collins and Great Great Grandpa.

       My Great Grandpa is 98. He is exceedingly old, and is hilarious and I love him greatly. Lately he's been starting to slip. Now he has been in a retirement home for a number of years, and for the last few he's been in a locked ward because his short term memory is going and he likes to wander. But recently it's become more than that. Which is sad and it's hard to watch. So last time we went up to Calgary we popped by with the family for a visit.

  Grandpa really loves babies and really loves George, so it's always fun to see them together. I have a wonderful video from his last birthday where he is dancing with George and the two of them are giggling like mad and having a great time. I did however film it on my smartphone, which apparently would like me to film on it's side, not being held upright. Fail on my part.

George at 1year, Great Great Grandpa at 98!

              Another one of my favorite things about going to go see my Great Grandpa, is the fact that Georgie Collins has moved in in the last couple of years. Georgina (Georgie) Collins is one of the founders of Pleiades Theatre. Which, when it moved to Tower Centre from the Science Centre, became Vertigo Theatre, my theatre. I always find it really exciting to talk to her, to hear about the old days of Calgary theatre. She is a living piece of theatre history, in a story that I've become apart of which makes me really happy.

   Georgie is also quite taken with George. It makes her endlessly happy to have met a Georgina from the newest generation. And the two of them get along really well. the last time we saw her she scampered off to her room, to retrieve a gift for George. A little porcelain angel  from her collection. It was very sweet. Hopefully one day I'll be able to convey to my Georgie, why the little angel is so cool to me.But then again, she might just wonder why I'm so sentimental and why the angel doesn't have blue tooth.

Georgie talking to my Mom. Georgina talking to her angel. No idea why Great Grandpa is looking so freaked out.

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