Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow, books, and teeth

        Last night mother nature deemed it necessary to pull out her paint brush and paint us a winter wonderland to enjoy. The only problem is she forgot to stop. It started with rain yesterday morning and turned to snow in the afternoon, then it snowed harder, and it's still snowing. Between Steve and I the walks have been shoveled 5 times today. I also shoveled most of my neighbors walk as she lives alone and has an enormous corner lot, with two driveways, its the weirdest house.

         Normally George and I would have gone swimming this morning, but after our adventure driving daddy to work, we decided it was best to be home bodies today. We did brave the elements to give Steve a ride in today, as Lethbridge bus service is kinda terrible when the weather turns. By 8:15 am neither Scenic drive  or Whoop-up had been plowed (two of the busiest roads in the city) Needless to say I was unimpressed.

          Being home bodies turned out to be pretty nice. I was able to keep on top of the walks, and not have to many people pack down the snow making it hard to shovel. George got two good naps in, which doesn't always happen if we're running about. And George and I cuddled on the couch and read books.

       Actually we read four books, over and over and over. Fortunately they were some of her better books. The Paper Bag Princess, a couple of Sandra Boynton books, and a super fun book called What the Ladybird Heard which is this super cute book in which a ladybug, with the help of some farm animals, foils a plot to steal the prize winning cow. The best part being that it Rhymes and has a pretty good beat, so you can really get going to the rhythm. Making it just as much fun for me to read and it is for George to listen to. The only problem is, the book is English, as in from the UK. Which in itself isn't a problem, but if you don't have an English accent then some of the rhymes don't really work. For example,

But the Ladybird had a good idea
And she whispered into each animal ear

    Which sorta works, but if we were in the UK where most words ending with an "a" are pronounced "er". For example you'll often hear it pronounced Afric-er as apposed  Africa. I know it's just a silly little thing but being as I've read the book probably ten times today I've been stumbling over that one a lot.

      For whatever reason George was in a pretty good mood today, which means she sat nicely in her high chair, after finishing lunch, and allowed me to prep dinner. I made homemade spaghetti sauce which takes a bit of prep and needs to simmer for a long time so if Georgie is being a crank pot I often end up working with her screaming and whining around my ankles as I try to chop and fry and boil. It's like fun, only I worry about spilling hot things on the baby. And I managed to load and run the dishwasher with out little hands trying to get into the dirty cutlery, it was great.

     After I had everything up and running and simmering away, I cleaned George up while she attempted to mouth trumpet, which is probably the cutest thing going, and I noticed a bit of blood in her mouth. That's right folks! She's cutting a tooth! Finally. It wasn't until much later that we actually were able to feel the little thing. We Skyped with my dad, who was taking a snow day, and had a little nap. But when George got up, she let me feel around and there was definite tooth! it still doesn't look much different than it did yesterday, it's been pressing on those gums for weeks, but it's through! Now I know I'm probably jinxing myself right now, but if all the other teeth could pop through with as little fuss as this one, the world would be an alright place. Now I just have to take the kiddo to the drug store, I promised to take her to pick out a toothbrush once she finally popped. 

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