Tuesday, October 16, 2012

12 month shots and clipping nails.

            Does anyone else have a kid that screams bloody murder when they get their nails cut? I don't know why, but George freaks out! just freaks, writhing, biting and screaming, followed by heaving sobs and cuddles. So I've become a bad mom and I won't cut her nails until I absolutely have to. Which means I don't cut them until she's scratched her face up. She's got a nice little cut under one eye right now, she looks like shes ready to go into battle with her war paint on. Fun.

        Being that George is now 13months old (today actually) she's recently had a check up/ inoculations. She did really well, only crying a little. The nurse was super impressed with her. She's already got a fairly strong vocabulary, is super active and attentive. We brought Gorilla along, for cuddle purposes, so she really was showing off, asking for "Lilla" and passing her around. Plus I could hardly hold on to her, she spent most of the appointment crawling under chairs. This was perfect for me because I was super afraid I was going to get a lecture about how she was so under weight, blah blah blah. The nurses in Calgary are kind of mean when it comes to that sort of thing. Almost every mom I know has at least one horror story about health care nurses. But I digress. The nurse that we saw was great. Not even a little worried about Georgie's weight, even though George is only a whopping 16lbs. At 27 inches tall, I have one itty bitty baby girl.

      Still no teeth, also not a worry. Yet. We've been told that if by two she's still got no chompers we should get her looked at. I don't know if I'd be able to wait that long. Thankfully you can see buds on the bottom and she has little bumps forming, so hopefully any day now? In reality I think it'll be another month. Honestly I'm kinda okay with that, I've said several times that once she's got teeth that I'll stop nursing. Which is probably true, she's already kind of a bitter in regards to that area and I've no intention on getting bit. But I personally really enjoy nursing, I like the closeness that I get from it, and there's really nothing better in the world than carrying a sleeping baby back to bed, which happens most often after we've been nursing. So, no teeth? No problem! At least for now.

    On the other hand, because George has no teeth yet, both Stephen and I have taken to asking  George, "where's your teeth?" and often sticking a finger in her mouth to check her gums. This has lead to the fun development of George totally knowing where her teeth are, sorta. Now we ask, and she'll shove a finger in her own mouth and grin at you. You can also ask,  "Where's Georgie's nose?" and "Where's Georgie's tummy?" and often get the right response. She will also point to Mommy's nose, and occasionally Angle's nose. We know noses.