Thursday, November 8, 2012

I have no post, but there is video.

    George did not sleep well last night. She got up every hour and a half, like clockwork. I'm really hoping this is teeth. You can actually see one tooth about to pop out, it's been than way for about a week. So I'm exhausted, as is Steve, as is George. Plus it's been raining/snowing all day so George and I have been stuck indoors. Needless to say it's been a fairly unproductive day. Not much to blog, so instead here's a cute video of my baby.

There's also one of her protesting this morning but this last one is taking so long to upload I doubt I'll be able to post both.

Oh, that worked a lot faster than expected. Her dad had to put her down so he could make a lunch for himself and I was off getting dressed and she was not having it. she stayed like this for a good fifteen min before I had to cave and pick her up so we could drive her dad to work. We actually had turned out the light and left the room for a good seven or eight min before I had to go get her. And man was she pleased with herself when I picked her up. unfortunately for her, when we got home I got her out of her jacket and plopped her right back where she was, she did not like that to much and infact rolled over and came into the living room to protest, loudly.

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