Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Georgina's Birth Story, From Rachel's side.

    As prommised I'm posting Georgie's birth story that Rach wrote up for us, it's definatly a more cohearent timeline if not as colourful.
    Rachel was our Doula for this pregnancy; she works with New Moon Birth Services, she's also a close friend. If you don't know what a doula is or would like to know the benifits of having one just message me I'd love to chat about it.

Friday, September 16
4:40am  Steve called me to let me know that Tyne's water had broken about two hours ago and that they were at High River Hospital.  She was having some contractions but they weren't strong or regular yet.  Because Tyne was GBS positive they decided to go ahead & get a round of antibiotics.  After that they weren't sure if they were going to stay or head back home.  They were waiting on the OB to find out where Tyne was at.  Then they would give me a call back & let me know if they were ready for me to come.
5:10am  Steve sent me a text asking me to head in, but not to rush.  After chatting with the OB about the risk and benefits of premature rupture of membranes and being GBS positive, they had decided to start pitocin to help speed the labour up.
6:50am  When I arrived at the hospital, Tyne had finished her first dose of antibiotics and was on the lowest dose of pitocin.  Contractions were more regular now but still not too strong.  We sent Steve to grab some breakfast.
7:30am  The nurse, Loree, stopped in to introduce herself, chat about Tyne & Steve's birth preferences & introduce the student nurse, Trumanda.
8:30am  Steve was back & no longer hungry, which was good as Tyne's contractions were getting stronger and she was needing to focus through the peak.
9:00am  When they checked Tyne's vitals, her blood pressure was a little high.  They decided to check for protein in her urine as they were concerned about pregnancy induced hypertension.  Thankfully, all was fine although the nurses kept a close eye on her blood pressure for the rest of her labour.
9:15am  Cheryl stopped in for a short visit.  As Tyne's labour began to intensify though, she felt she wanted fewer people in the room so Cheryl headed home with promises from all of us to call her as soon as babe arrived.
9:30am  Tyne was 2 – 3 cm dilated & mostly effaced.  Baby's head was low.  At this point, the contractions were really starting to get hard & Tyne was needing to put all of her focus into coping with each one.  They seemed to start quite hard & suddenly without much warning or build up.
10:30am  Tyne decided to try some nitrous oxide to help cope with the contractions & that really seemed to help.  At this point, Loree started noticing that baby's heart rate was deceling with the peak of the contractions.  It was concerning enough that she recommended placing an internal monitor to help keep a really close eye on baby.
11:00am Tyne was sounding a little grunty with the peaks of her contractions, which can sometimes indicate that mom is getting ready to start pushing.  They did another check of dilation & she was about 4 – 5cm which was great!  Baby was still deceling quite a bit with each contraction, so they recommended turning off the pitocin to see if that helped.  It did & it also seemed to ease the contractions for Tyne some what as well.  They spaced out a fair bit & she seemed to be able to relax into them a little bit more.
12:05pm  Tyne was feeling a lot of pressure & an urge to push!  After checking dilation one last time, Tyne was able to start pushing.  She pushed really well & made incredible progress.  Gradually, we were able to see more & more of baby's head.  As baby came close to crowning, the OB became concerned about baby's heart rate & recommended an episiotomy to help speed baby's arrival.
1:37pm  With one last incredible push from Tyne, beautiful Georgina Layne Taffie was born!  The umbilical cord was around her neck, but the OB simply slipped it over her head & lifted Georgina up to Tyne's chest to meet her mom and dad.  It was an incredible moment – I was so proud of Tyne for all her hard work & Steve for his constant, gentle presence in supporting Tyne.  It was truly an honor & privilege to be there with them as they became a family of three.

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