Friday, September 28, 2012


   So I was writing a post about how we ended up in Lethbridge, but that's going on the back burner because George has diaper rash, now I know this probably happens to all kids at some point, but this is the worst we've ever had! In that past George might get a little bit of red on her bum and complain a bit when we change her, but that was like a fairy story compared to this!

      Probably about once a month or so George will get diarrhea, for one reason or another. Which she hasn't had in a while, so I guess she was due. This bout has come with the reddest most swollen bum I've ever seen! This poor kid will scream and writhe and (literally)  stand on her head to prevent me from so much as taking her diaper off, let alone wiping her down or changing her.So we are stuck in the house, I'm at the point where I won't even pack her up to take her Dad to work, lest she needs an emergency change on the road. Poor kiddo.

     We bought some extra strength cream and some cloth diapers (Which Oh My God are they pricey, I realize in the long run they are cheaper in theory, but wow!) and it's already making a difference, so hopefully by Monday things will have cleared up.

      Aside from the heartbreaking pain my baby is in, a big aside, this diaper rash is putting a big 'ole cramp in my weekend. We've been invited to four different things this weekend, which I've had to say no to everything, 'cause there is no way I'm trying to deal with this kids bum anywhere but at home. So it looks like we're stuck in doors for a few days. Hopefully this clears up enough for us to do some family photo's while the leaves are still on the trees.

   *Sigh* I'm off to change another diaper, I'm sorry George, Mommy love you, now hold still while I strap you to the table...


  1. Poor thing. :(

    Most of my cloth diapers are pre-folds. (@ $1 a piece they are cheap and are on child #3 so...amazingly cheap...though we do have some trendy ones and those ARE pricey)

    Best of luck with banishing that diaper rash (cloth diapers do seem to help).